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Step 2: Install packaged apps into Zendesk (legacy)

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

This article outlines how to upload your MindTouch integration packaged apps into your Zendesk environment.

This is a legacy integration. To integrate with our latest technology, visit our Touchpoint for Zendesk guide.



The edited zip file for each app to be installed:


The three integration endpoints above ensure a productive experience with Zendesk and ensure agents can quickly help customers resolve issues. Make use of all three apps to take full benefit of your MindTouch site.

How to install the packed apps into Zendesk

Step 1: Upload the files

  1. Inside your Zendesk environment, click Settings > Apps > Manage.
  2. Click Upload App.

  1. Choose a name for the app (i.e. MindTouch Search)
  2. Upload the .zip file for the first app you wish to install (such as

  1. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each additional app you wish to install:
  • MindTouch Insights (
  • MindTouch Publish (

Step 2: Verify the app installation

Once all apps are installed, navigate to your Manage Apps interface (Settings > Apps > Manage) to verify the apps are installed.

Step 3: Verify the integration

Open a ticket, and verify the apps are loaded in the sidebar. (Apps appear in the order they are uploaded.)

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