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Request an Article form (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4

In this article we cover the steps on how to create a "Request an Article" form that you can implement on your MindTouch site so that your customers can provide additional feedback on current articles and request a new article.

After completing this how-to article you will have a "Request an Article" form that is live on your site. Though these steps can be completed by just copying and pasting all the provided code.  To modify the form you will want to have some experience with HTML and CSS.

First Step

Begin by importing the Request an Article mtarc within the section of the page you want to include the form by selecting the Page Options > Import Here



You should now see the following page imported into your MindTouch site


Second Step

Now you will need to setup the integration portion of the form by going to Site Tools > Control Panel.


From there select Integrations under the System Settings section. 


Now expand the section Request Article Button Behavior under of the GeniusLink Configuration. From there you will see the following sections:

  • Button Destination: This is the location that you wish the user to be redirected to upon successful completion of the form.
  • Send Email: This box must be checked for the form to send an email.
  • Email Recipients: You can send the data from the form to one or many users by enter the emails separated by a comma.
  • Subject: This is the subject of the email the Email Recipients with receive. This field can contain data from the form by including the name of the input field with double curly braces (example: {{INPUTNAME}}).
  • Email Body: This is the body of the email. It can include HTML elements as seen in the example email below.
  • Email Plain Text Body: This would be the body of the email but it does not allow for HTML elements.
Final Step

To complete the last steps, first enter a URL for the Button Destination. This can be your home page or you can create a custom thank you page. Then you will want to make sure that the Send Email box is checked. Then enter the email address of the recipient(s) in the Email Recipients section. In the subject section enter the following:

Article Creation Request: {{SUBJECT}}

In the Email Body Section enter the follow code:

<b>Article Creation Subject:</b> {{SUBJECT}} <br/><br/>  
<b>Article URL:</b> {{URL}} <br/><br/>       
<b>Category:</b> {{ISSUE}} <br/><br/>                 
<b>Submitted By:</b> {{NAME}} ({{EMAIL}}) <br/><br/>         
<b>Description:</b> {{DESCRIPTION}} <br/><br/>

Now test your form by filling out all the require information.


And the user with the email address you entered should receive the following email:


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