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LivePerson (MT4)

This page applies to:All MindTouch Versions

Integrate LivePerson with your MindTouch site so that you can engage and interact with your customers and prospects. Integrating LivePerson with your MindTouch site will add a layer of interactivity that will allow you to connect with your visitors at a new level. 


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LivePerson creates meaningful, real time customer connections that help businesses increase conversions and improveconsumer experience.

What are the benefits of this feature?

Once LivePerson is integrated with MindTouch site you'll get the following benefits:

  • Easier conversion of prospects
  • Quick communication with your visitiors
  • Increased upsales

How do I setup this integration?

If you'd like more information on how we can integrate with LivePerson, fill out our contact form and an account representative will reach out  with more details.

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