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Install the MindTouch Developer extension (MT4)

The MindTouch Developer Extension for Google Chrome provides advanced MindTouch authors with page load statistics. It is especially useful when debugging the performance of DekiScript code. At MindTouch we often use it during development as well as when diagnosing performance problems on a customer's site.


The MindTouch Developer Extension shows the following information:

  • Overall page render time (note that all statistics are server side timings)
  • The individual API requests performed to load the page
  • Cache hits/misses
  • A breakdown of every single DekiScript function and how long it took


This extension is available on the Chrome Web Store

After installation you can access the extension inside the Developer Tools.ChromeExtensionDevTools.png

What do the numbers mean?

There are two dashboards that are part of the extension. The first dashboard is what you will see when you first load up the extension shows the overall page load times. The second dashboard is specific to the page content (including and DekiScript) and can be accessed by clicking the Explain button depicted below.

Page Render Statistics


1) Totals

  • App Cache: Total time spent in the web presentation layer's shared memory cache
  • API: Total time the web presentation layer spent requesting data from the API
  • Other: Any additional processing handled by the web presentation layer
  • Total: The total time spent handling the web request

2) App Cache Requests

  • Verb: The action taken (GET or SET)
  • Time: The time spent by the web presentation layer communicating with the cache
  • URL: The API URL of the resource that was cached, or fetched from the cache
  • Result: Whether or not a resource was successful fetched from the cache (HIT or MISS)

3) Explain

The explain button only shows up on the request that loaded the contents of the page. This feature allows you to analyze the performance of the API (and DekiScript) when it renders the page.

4) API Requests

  • Verb: The action taken (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
  • Time: The time spent by the web presentation layer  requesting the API
  • URL: The API URL of the resource
  • Additional columns: These dynamically generated columns are the statistics returned from the API. Time statistics are shown in milliseconds, API cache statistics are shown in the following format:
hit / miss

The ratio is computed as: hit / (hit+miss) * 100

If the ratio is 100% it will show up as green, if it is under 50% it will show as red.

API and DekiScript Performance


1) Totals

  • This table shows the total time the API spent rendering this page

2) Pages

  • This table breaks down which pages and templates were involved in rendering this page.

3) See Functions

  • By clicking "See Functions" you can drill into exactly which DekiScript methods were used to render this particular template.

4) Database Functions

  • This table shows how much time the API spent in the Database to full fill this request.

When to use this feature?

Use the MindTouch Developer Extension when diagnosing performance problems on a MindTouch site or when writing DekiScript code.


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