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Start building your content (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4


First steps in creating content within the MindTouch content structure framework.  

Creating your first Category

  1. On the MindTouch 4 homepage, Pro Members can enter a Category name in the provided text field below where it says: What is the name of your Category
    A Category could be a Language, Product Suite, Product, or Version to name a few.

    Note: In this example, Example Product is the name of our Category.

  2. Click Create Category.

    Note: The Congratulations message and your Category administration home page appear.  Also note that the Category will be created as Private by default to ensure you can stage content before your end users can see it. 

  3. To add an image for your Category guide, drag the image to the Upload Image box.  This will automatically upload the image and resize it to the correct image size.

    Note: An image must be 135 pixels in width and 115 pixels in height or less to be eligible for use.

    Image of Upload Image box
  4. You can also upload an image by clicking on the Upload Image dialog box and then selecting Browse.

    Note: To close the dialog box, click X. To go to your Category, click the Category link.

    Image of Upload Image dialog box
  5. From the File Upload dialog box, navigate to the location of your image.

    Image of File Upload dialog box
  6. Click to select your image, and then click Open.

    Note: The image appears next to the Category link.

    Note: To add another Category, repeat Steps 3 through 8.
  7. Add content, guides, links, and more to your Category.


Creating a Category Without the Wizard

Any page which exists at the root level can be categorized as a Category. If you create a page using a template option from our new page gallery while on the homepage, you can then set this page's Article Type to "Category". This will allow the page to show up as a Category within faceted search, while also providing a Category box on the homepage.

You can create a page using any template below:

using blank page.png


Then create your page as needed:


Next, set this new page's Article Type to Category:

You will then see your new Category page within the homepage as well as faceted search.


Category View

Once you've created your first Category, you can click into the Category to add additional segmentation and articles.  Click on the Category and you'll see the following:

1) This search field allows you to narrow your search within this "Example Product" Category. Type in the search term(s), click enter and it will take you to the search results page showing the most relevant results within this Category.

2) The framework automatically creates Guides and a Knowledge Base that you can add to. You can remove the Guides/Knowledge Base by clicking on the next to the Guide/Knowledge Base. If you want to add a new Link to this page, click on Add new guide link and you'll be presented with the following link dialog:

3) Select the link that you want to add and then click the Use Selected button at the bottom of the dialog.

4) This section can provide links to additional resources either within the document itself or to other resources outside of this Category.  

Adding Articles

Navigate to the location that you would like to create a new page under. From there select New Page in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. 

Image of New Page option

Selecting a page template

From the Select a page template dialog box, select the page template you would like to use for your new page, and then click Create new page


Creating your page

NOTE: Your new page will open in edit mode and load the template you selected.

Build your new page by completing the following:

  1. In the Page Title field, enter your desired page title.
  2. In the body field, enter your content.
  3. If you are satisfied with the result, click Save.

Image of new article editor page







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