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Add a knowledge base (MT4)

Written by James Valent
Director of Support at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch 4


This article reviews how to create a Knowledge Base and populate articles. Knowledge Bases are intended to organize content into a flat hierarchy. Typically this is content that may not fit into a User Guide (e.g., Frequently Asked Questions, articles geared toward troubleshooting), though is still relevant for your users. This article is relevant for technical writers, support agents, subject matter experts, content managers  and site owners.

Effectively Using a Knowledge Base

Knowledge Bases are intended to organize content into a flat hierarchy. Any content that exists one level deep within a Knowledge Base will be represented in the Knowledge Base interface:

knowledge base interface.png

The Knowledge Base simply organizes all of the same content, one level deep, within three different views. This differs from User Guides which are intended for a more narrative experience, while organizing content based on classifications.

Users can add custom tabs to a User Guide, though this is not available for Knowledge Bases.

Create Your Knowledge Base

To create your Knowledge Base, click on "New Page":


Then, choose the "Knowledge Base" template:


You'll now have your Knowledge Base created:

Populating Your Knowledge Base

Once you've created your Knowledge Base, you can then populate your Knowledge Base by clicking on "New Knowledge Base Article":


You'll then be able to create a new Knowledge Base article based on Knowledge Base Page template. You'll want to enter a new page title, and then add content under the Overview and Resolution sections:


After clicking "Save", you'll be able to view your newly created Knowledge Base article:

Alternative Method

You can alternatively create a new Knowledge Base Page by selecting the corresponding template in our New Page gallery:


Managing Your Knowledge Base

Once you've populated your Knowledge Base with articles, you can then navigate to the top level Knowledge Base Page to see three available tabs.

View Featured

The View Featured tab will sort Knowledge Base Pages into four categories:

  • Most Popular
  • Highest Rated
  • Recently Updated
  • Recently Added

View By Tags

The View by Tags tab will group Knowledge Base Pages by their custom tags:

View All

The View All tab will show all Knowledge Base Pages in azlphabetical order:

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