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Use HelpRank to decrease customer effort score (MT4)

Written by Damien Howley
Former MindTouch Employee at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch 4

At MindTouch, creating and searching your knowledge is serious business.  We understand that your customers need to quickly and accurately find the right information.  The MindTouch HelpRank algorithm identifies the best search results for your customers.  

Why should I use HelpRank?

Providing your customers with an effective search experience decreases your customer effort which is a key driver in customer loyalty. Tuning your search experience by increasing your article HelpRank will get your customers the answers they need to succeed.

If your customers are failing to locate the right knowledge in a timely manner, you could be negatively impacting your Customer Effort Score (CES) which leads to lower customer loyalty and lower customer satisfaction (CSAT). 

What exactly is MindTouch HelpRank?

  • HelpRank is a measurement that indicates the value of an individual MindTouch article.

  • HelpRank is used by the the MindTouch search capability to determine the order of your search results.  

  • HelpRank was created to enhance your MindTouch search experience.

  • HelpRank is an algorithm that evaluates both the contents of the article and user interactions with the article.

How do I improve my HelpRank?

The key to improving your HelpRank is content.  Content that is rich and targeted is going to perform much better for your users and therefore is going to have a better HelpRank.  Use the following guidelines to increase the HelpRank of your articles. 

  1. Use descriptive text that is intuitive and self explanatory
  2. Use SEO keywords in your titles, content and tags
  3. Use synonyms in your content and tags
  4. Use persona based titles, not functional titles
    1. Persona:  "How do I improve search?"
    2. Functional:  "Search recommendations"


The full HelpRank algorithm is proprietary, but we can share with you that the HelpRank algorithm utilizes the following inputs to determine the value of your article:

  1. Title
  2. Path
  3. Overview
  4. Tags
  5. Page Contents

Can I override HelpRank?

Absolutely, we understand that sometimes you know better than the computer.  In situations where your search results are not yielding your preferred articles, you have the opportunity to introduce a search recommendation.  Search recommendations work kind of like search ads.  They display at the top of the search results and are visibly different.  


You can create search recommendations in Site Tools > Control Panel > Search as long as you are a site Administrator. 

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