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Move content into a new MindTouch instance (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4


With Import and Export, you can take a page from one MindTouch site and move it to another MindTouch site. 


To export a page click on Page Options > Export page.

This will present you with the following dialog:

You can check the box to Export all children of this page as well, otherwise it will export out the current page as an MTARC file.  


Once you have exported the MTARC file, then you can go to the location where you want to import and click on the Import here link in Page Options.  It will launch the following dialog:

Click on the Choose File option and select the MTARC file and it will automatically upload an import the content.


Exporting pages in MindTouch is intended for 50 pages or less.


When importing pages all links from within the context of the import will be updated to reflect the current path where the content is being imported to. Any links that reference content outside of the context of the import will continue to point to the original content.

Additional notes

If you are looking at cloning content, you should use the copy page function as opposed to the import/export.

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