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View your site history (MT4)


Site History provides an overview of changes across the whole site along with who made the change and when the change was made.

Displaying revisions

The Site History view allows you to see the title of the page that has a revision associated with it, the time that the revision occurred, the author that triggered the revision and a summary of the revision. There will usually be about a 30 sec delay of revisions showing up after they occur, so if you don't see the revision right away, give it a little bit of time and then refresh the Site History view. 

Note: The Site History is only accessible by Admin Users. Community Members and Anonymous Users do not have access to view the Site History. This prevents these users from making any changes to a page that was modified by a Pro Member.


By default 500 revisions will load. As you scroll down in the view and it hits the 500th revision, then an additional 500 revisions will load in place. When it loads the additional revisions, you'll see a message like this:


As you scroll down and encounter a new date, the date will stay fixed at the top of the view so that you always have context as to day that the revisions occurred.

NOTE: The user will not be able to see events for pages that they don't have access to. 

Events captured in Site History

  • Reverting a page
  • Copying a page
  • Moving a page
  • Deleting a page
  • Restoring a deleted page
  • Creating a new page
  • Reverting to a previous version of the page
  • Reverting page conflicts related to files
    • Revert a page that doesn't have the file to a revision that did have it
    • Revert a page that does have the file to a revision that it didn't have it
    • Revert a page that does have the file to a revision where the file didn't exist
  • Updating the contents of a page
  • Update the Display Name for the page
  • Resetting the url and Display name of the page to be the same
  • Change the capitalization of any letters in the url for a page
  • Restoring a deleted file
  • Copying a file
  • Moving a file
  • Deleting a file
  • Adding a new version of a file
  • Attaching a new file
  • Creating a new description, or custom property, for a file
  • Updating a description, or custom property, for a file
  • Deleting a description, or custom property, for a file
  • Creating a new page property
  • Deleting a page property
  • Updating a page property
  • Updating permissions for a page
  • Remove grants from permissions
  • Adding new grant(s) to permissions
  • Adding or deleting a tag on a page

If multiple events occur in the same day to a page, then the time will be red and can be clicked on to see all of the events that happened as a part of that revisions.


Revision History

If you want to see all of the revision history as it pertains to a single page, you can go to a page's Revision History.

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