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View recent changes (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4


My Contributions and Recent Contributions provide you with recent activity that you or other users have had within the MindTouch site.

Recent changes

By selecting the My Contributions from the User profile drop-down menu, or selecting the Recent Contributions from the Site Tools drop-down menu, you will be redirected to the Recent changes page.

From the Recent changes page, you can view up to 500 of the most recent changes for the entire site made by you or any other user in your group. Changes are listed chronologically and provide the following information:    

  • Page name with a hyperlink to the page.
  • Time the page was edited.
  • Who the page was edited by with a hyperlink to that users page.
  • A quick summary of what change was made.
  • If more than one change was made to the page a plus (+) sign will be listed, and by clicking on this symbol a list of all changes becomes visible. 
  • Clicking the pound (#) sign in the Edit summary column will open a Combined revision comparison window of the page.

Image of My Contributions page

Search recent changes by user

To search for recent changes by a user, in the View changes by user field, enter their user name and then click View.

Note: MindTouch will autofill the selection as you type.

Image of search by user field

What are the benefits of this feature?

Accessing the list of all of the recent changes, as well as being able to drill down to one user's changes, will help you keep your fingers on the pulse of your MindTouch world.

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