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What is the red line in my MindTouch editor? (MT4)

The red line is a feature that gives users more control over content formatting by making it easier to add white space breaks between page objects such as code blocks, tables and more. ​This red line tool is most helpful for authors who use the editor's formatting tools. The tool allows a more seamless experience when creating templates using DekiScript, JavaScript or CSS and ensures the ability to add lines above and below other format options as well. The following page objects will trigger the red line, allowing you to add space above or below an object.

Formatting blocks

The red line tool will appear above or below all formatting blocks (other than comment blocks).

The red line tool will also appear if two formatting blocks are directly on top of each other. You can trigger the red line by hovering between the two blocks.


The red line tool will appear above and below a table.


The red line tool will also appear within a cell above and below the formatting block.

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