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Can I hide only parts of the TOC? (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4

Yes. You may decide to hide certain headers because of the length of the article or because you simply don't want some headers included in the TOC. If you want to hide part of your TOC, follow these steps:

  1. Open the page on which you want to hide the TOC in Edit mode.
  2. In the Editor, click Styles and select CSS from the drop-down menu. 
    • Tip: This will add a blue CSS box to the page that is only visible when the page is opened in Edit mode..
  3. Paste the following CSS into the CSS box and change the Headers values for the Headers you want to hide:
/* HIDE H3, H4 & H5 FROM TOC */
#pageToc li li li {
/* HIDE H4 & H5 FROM TOC */
#pageToc li li li li {
#pageToc li li li li li {


Remember: You can apply CSS to an individual page or site-wide. If you want to make this change to your entire site, apply the CSS in Control Panel > Custom Site CSS.


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