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Add links, images and tables to your content (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4 and MindTouch TCS

Documents don't live by text alone. Adding links, images and tables make your documents more interesting and easier to follow. Watch the tutorial to find out just how easy it is to liven up your content and improve your SEO while you're at it:

Add links

In MindTouch, you can link text by highlighting the text and then clicking the Link icon: link_icon.png

The dialog that opens allows you to link (and unlink) text to other pages in MindTouch or to an external link. By default, MIndTouch will search for the text that you highlighted to find a relevant article:

Link to an external URL

If you want to link to an external URL, simply type the URL into the Link to text field.

Link to another file

If you don't need an external link or the recommended articles don't match you can click on the Browse tab:


By default, MindTouch will display the page you are editing to allow you to link to files that are attached to the page or its subpages. Traverse the hierarchy by using the navigational icons:

Icon Details

This jumps up a level in the hierarchy so that you can find related content to link to

This returns you to the page that you are trying to insert the link on so that you can access resources on that page

This takes you to the top of the hierarchy and will show you the Main hierarchy along with the Template hierarchy

This will take you to your user page

Once you find an item you want to link to, select it, and click Update Link:

Update a link

If you click on a link while in Edit mode, you will have the option to edit the link or to unlink the text.


Add images

You can add two types of images to your content: images that are stored externally and images that are already in MindTouch.  

Add externally stored images

Open the page in Edit mode, place your cursor where you want to insert your image, and then drag and drop an image from your desktop to the browser. The image will automatically upload and embed in the page:

Add images stored in MindTouch

Click the Image icon  from the toolbar to open the navigation dialog. Search and browse the site for images you want to embed and click Insert Image:

Choose your image size

When choosing an image size, the pixel width is predetermined based on your selection in the above dialog box:





160 pixels Automatically calculated


350 pixels Automatically calculated


550 pixels Automatically calculated

Resize images

Resize an image by clicking on it and dragging the corners of the image to the desired size:

Align images to text

To change the Alignment, including text wrap, right-click the image and update settings in Image Properties. 

Add text to images to improve your SEO

MindTouch allows you to add alternative text to the image to increase your SEO. Right-click the image and add your Alternative Text in the Image Properties dialog.


Add tables

Add a table to your content by clicking on the Table icon in the Editor and selecting the number of columns and rows you want your table to have:

Change table properties

Once inserted, right-click on the table and get a host of options:


Through the right-click options you can manipulate cells, rows and columns, and access Table Properties:

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