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Style containers (MT4)

Listing of MindTouch class and ID names used in MindTouch. Styles are listed in the order of their appearance in the HTML from top to bottom and left to right.

Wrapper Containers

.mt-wrapper *
This container sets a width and centers the content on the page.
.mt-header *
This header container allows for Custom CSS to differentiate between the content and header containers since they both use .mt-wrapper.

Header styles

.mt-pro-member *
Pro member bar at the top of the page that appears to seated members only.
.mt-editor-controls *
Page controls for pro members located inside the .mt-pro-member container on the left.
.mt-pro-controls *
User and site controls for pro members located inside the .mt-pro-member container on the right.
Unseated and anonymous controls container located at the top right of the page.
Login and unseated user navigation links located inside the .mt-user-nav container in the upper right of the page.
Logo container located to the left and under the .mt-pro-member container or .mt-user-nav based on seated status.

* Seated users only

Content Styles

Container that holds and centers .mt-site-nav, .mt-content-container, and .widget. It is to the left of the tray.
Container for dynamic breadcrumb navigation located above the .mt-content-container and below the .mt-logo container.
Main content container located below .mt-site-nav.
Older breadcrumb container found above the page title but below the dynamic breadcrumb navigation inside .mt-content-container.
Found inside an <H1>, this is the page title container. It is found below .dw-hierarchy.
Container that holds the "Previous" and "Next" navigation links visible on Topic, How-To, and Reference pages. 
Tabbed container at the bottom of the .mt-content-container that holds a page's comments and file attachments. By default this container is hidden on Portfolio, Category, and Special pages. 

Right Tray Styles

Container located to the right of .mt-content-container, this container  holds page controls, feedback, related articles, tags, social controls, and other miscellaneous content based on page type.
Container located at the top of  .tray that contains the global search field.
.trayframe and .traybody
Containers that give the .tray container it's border and depth. The content is contained inside .traybody.
Generic container for each of the components located inside .tray. Creates a border to separate content.
Navigation in the .tray that contains links for notifications (seated users only), email, printing, and PDF generation.
Container where social share buttons exist for Facebook, Twitter and Googe+.
Contains the last modified date link to page history. Date is plain text for anonymous and community members.
Container for the content rating plugin located inside the .tray.
Identifies the related articles template container inside the .tray container.
Identifies the tags plugin content inside the .tray
Shows site navigation in the .tray. Hidden by default, except in the /Template: namespace, this feature can be turned on with special configuration settings.
This container allows for customers to add their own content to the tray container. It lives at the bottom of the tray.

Footer Styles

Container at the bottom of the page that contains site information.
This contains the site name and copyright. It is floated to the left inside .mt-foot.
Container floated to the right and inside .mt-foot that holds the Powered by MindTouch link to
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