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Side tray (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4

Want to add custom content to your side tray?  


The MindTouch 4 side tray houses information relevant to the page and the site depending on what page you are on. This is a great place to add custom messaging that you want visible across your MindTouch 4 site. The custom side tray content will be added at the bottom of the side tray. side tray customization.png


  • The custom side tray section has a max width of 158px, but doesn't have a max height.
  • The custom side tray supports images, text, CSS, Javascript, along with any other medium that can be added to a MindTouch page.
  • This is only available on MindTouch 4.


It is recommended that you review the length of the custom side tray to ensure that it is visible on most of your articles as opposed to below the fold of the screen. This isn't required, but recommended, especially if you want it to be easily accessible to all of your users.

How do you add a custom side tray?

  • Go to Site Tools > Templates > Template:Custom > Views > Sidetray
  • Add in text or an image. 
    • The text will automatically constrain to the width of the side bar, but since their is not a max height you can add as much text as you want. 
    • Images do not constrain themselves to the width of the side bar so make sure your image does not exceed a width of 158px.
  • Click Save.
  • Keep in mind that the side tray is public, even if your site is private, unless you change the sidebar template to private by clicking restrict access and choosing Private.
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