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Self-service branding FAQs (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4

Branding your MindTouch site is easily your most visible configuration option.  Whether your MindTouch site will be used by your colleagues, bosses or even your customers, it's important for your brand to be professional represented. Find out what others are asking about MindTouch branding.

How do I edit the Header or Footer of my MindTouch site?

The header and footer of your MindTouch site can be edited directly in the MindTouch WYSIWYG editor. In fact, it is just as easy as editing a MindTouch template. The only requirement is that you must be an administrator to edit the self-service branding templates. To get started branding your site, use the following instructions:

  1. Make sure you're logged in
  2. Go to Site Tools > Templates
  3. Look through the list of templates to find  Template:Custom > Views, you'll find the following templates listed below:

  4. Select Header or Footer depending one which part of the design you want to implement
    • Tip:  If you don't see the same list of templates you may either be running an older structure or not running self-service branding at all.  Contact MindTouch support to determine how to proceed. 
  5. Once you have arrived on the Header or Footer page, click Edit Page and add your HTML, CSS or JavaScript as needed.
    • Tip:  Make sure you read the FAQ titled "How can I add custom HTML to my header or footer?"

How can I add custom HTML to my header or footer?

MindTouch self-service branding allows you to add HTML, CSS, JavaScript and DekiScript to your Header, Footer and other Branding Regions.  Follow the instructions below to add your own HTML to your Custom Header:

  1. Go to your Header Template (typically located at /Template:Custom/Views/Header).
  2. Click Edit Page.

  1. Under the Styles menu, select DekiScript.
  2. Write your HTML in the DekiScript block.

    • Tip:  Don't put CSS or JavaScript in a DekiScript block.  Only use the DekiScript block for HTML and DekiScript. 
    • Tip:  Push shift + enter to escape a DekiScript block. 
  3. Click Save.
  4. Confirm that your HTML is displaying in the intended are of the Self-Service Branding.

How do I add custom CSS to my header or footer?

You can add your own CSS either in the Control Panel (Custom Site CSS) or in the Header or Footer page that you're customizing.  If you want to add CSS to the Header or Footer page, make sure that the CSS your adding to these pages applies to only these pages.  This will ensure that you know where to go next time to adjust your Header or Footer and you won't be confronted with 100's  of lines of CSS.  

To add CSS to your Custom Header or Footer, use the following instructions:

  1. Go to your Header Template (typically located at /Template:Custom/Views/Header)
  2. Click Edit Page
  3. Under the Styles menu, select CSS


  1. Write your CSS in the CSS Block

    • Tip:  Push shift + enter to escape a CSS block. 
  2. Click Save
  3. Confirm that your CSS is displaying in the intended are of the Self-Service Branding

Can I use Source Mode to modify my custom header and footer?

When applying your custom Header or Footer we strongly recommend that you DO NOT use Source Mode.  We have found that Source Mode makes it very hard to maintain your Header or Footer into the future.  Instead of Source Mode, we recommend that you put your HTML in a DekiScript Block, your CSS in a CSS Block and your JavaScript in a JavaScript (JEM) block.  

I have added my own header, why is the site logo still displaying?

The Custom Header and Footer are appended to the existing application.  This means that you may need to make minor changes to the CSS of the application to accommodate your Custom Header or Footer.  Typically, it is required that you hide the site logo that displays on every page.

  • Tip:  Make sure you upload your own logo in Control Panel > Logo.  The Logo is used in numerous other interfaces that your customers may see.  When your site is first setup, your site logo will default to a MindTouch logo. 

In order to hide the site logo you can add the following CSS:

.mt-logo {

Tip: You can add this CSS to your Header or Footer page using a CSS Block or you can add this CSS to the Control Panel > Custom Site CSS

Why are my PDF header and footer customizations only displayed on the first and last PDF pages?

Adding content to the PDF header/footer custom regions will allow you to add content to the first page of a PDF (header) and last page of a PDF (footer) only.

How do I add custom content to the header and footer of every PDF page?

Adding content to each PDF page's header/footer must be performed this PDF CSSInserting custom content in this fashion will add an additional content block outside of your custom PDF header/footer templates, and additional spacing may need to be applied for your PDF styles.

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