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PDF output styles (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4 and MindTouch TCS

This walks through the steps that you can use to customize your PDF output. After completing this tutorial you will be able to customize the look and feel of PDFs from MindTouch.  

PDF Generation

Within MindTouch you have the ability to export a page or series of pages as PDF.  The PDF generation is provided by PrinceXML which allows for a lot of flexibility on the output.  The styling that is applied out of the box provides a professional look and feel, but we also allow you to override this.  

Overriding PDF Styling

Within the Control Panel we provide a text area that you have the ability to override the default PDF CSS to provide your own look and feel. In order to customize the PDF output though you have to see the default CSS that we ship with which you can access by appending the following to your MindTouch site: 


For example, you would load the following for

This will show you the default CSS for PDF generation. From here you'll be able to see styles that you can tweak and modify to fit your own styling.

Adding new Styles

The customizations can be modified to add new styles that are supported by PrinceXML.  You can see the default Prince documentation on what is supported that can be added here:

Note that there are some elements that you should be aware of as you are reviewing the default CSS.  If you see a content: value that means that information is being added to the PDF.  If the content: parameter includes a flow value, then that means that there are elements that we are passing to the PDF that can't be modified, they can only be overridden with new content/styles.

Take a look at some of our sample styles to have a good starting point.

Known Limitations

Book Output

A PDF book can contain up to 10 MindTouch articles. If more than 10 articles are added to a book, only the first 10 will be rendered within the PDF book. Note that this limit is relative to the amount of content within each MindTouch article. If the articles within your book each contain over 3 PDF pages of content, the system may be unable to render the entire book.

User Guide Navigation and Table of Contents

The table of contents and previous/next functionalities which are surfaced within user guide pages are not rendered within PDF output.

Wide Table Output

Some wider tables may stretch past the page width when saving a topic as a PDF. While this is commonly handled within the standard page view of the MindTouch user interface by using the CSS "word-wrap" property, this property is not supported within PDF CSS.

What's next

If you encounter any issues with the PDF styling, you can always reach out to the Support Team.  Note that customizations of PDF would fall under an MET.  

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