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MindTouch 4 navigation (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4

This article reviews how to customize the breadcrumbs at the top of your MindTouch site. 


The breadcrumbs at the top of the MindTouch site can be customized to support some additional configuration and layouts. Below you'll find some configuration options.

Change the default values

Currently the default values for the Dynamic Breadcrumbs are the following:

Categories -> Guides -> Articles -> Articles -> Articles

The Breadcrumbs will only show 5 levels deep into the MindTouch hierarchy by default, see below to change this. You have the ability to omit or adjust the default value for the hierarchy by adding the following to your Global Variables template:

 navigationMenuOverride: [ nil, 'Guides', 'Articles', 'Articles' ]

In the example above it will not show the first level of the hierarchy in the breadcrumbs, so the first dropdown will have the default value of Guides. You can change any of the labels or set any of the values to nil to bypass them. Note that if you are at the level where you set nil for the value, then no dropdowns will show. This is primarily leveraged if the first level is a category like Language which would be selected independent of MindTouch. 

Increase the number of drop-down menus that show

By default, MindTouch will expose the first five levels of the drop-down menu. To increase/decrease this, add the override below.

NOTE: The top navigation was developed with the limitation of five drop-down menu items listed. If you increase this limit, then the UI will break and you'll need to add CSS overrides to make it look correct. 

  1. Go to /Template:System/Variables
  2. Create the following entry inside the DekiScript block:
mindtouch: {
maxContentNavigationDepth: 2

If you already have the mindtouch: in your system variables, then just add maxContentNavigationDepth: 2 and make sure you separate the different configs with a comma.

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