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MindTouch 4 to Responsive upgrade (MT4)


MindTouch will upgrade your MindTouch 4 instance to a MindTouch Responsive interface.  Through this upgrade, MindTouch will provide assistance and training to guarantee a successful launch.  Below you can see the steps you will be involved in during the upgrade process.

Customer Actions 

Step 1:

Receive MindTouch Responsive staging instance for Branding.

Step 2:

Brand MindTouch Responsive Staging instance

  • Apply Logo

  • Add CSS styles

  • Apply Header/Footer


MindTouch will update the site structure to the responsive layout.  

(May turn site to read only for a short time)


Owner: MindTouch

Step 3:

Short meeting to review and walk through Responsive structure (cloned instance)

Step 4:

Copy branding from the Staging instance (Step 2) to your production instance.

Step 5:


  • Send communication internally and externally about launch. (Newsletter)

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