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Create and delete groups (MT4)

By creating Groups within MindTouch, your administration tasks can be completed in a few clicks. 


There are several actions you can take with your Groups; adding new users, editing the name, changing the contributor role or even deleting the group entirely.

The Group Panel

Your can find basic information and access editing of your Groups on the Groups tab.

1. Existing group names.
2. Group role.
4. An edit link.
5. Users link - who's in this group?

Adding Users to a Group

To add users to a group, click on the users link in the Users column:

This will take you to the user management page with the user list automatically filtered based upon the group:


To add users to this group, change the group dropdown to All Groups and then select the users you want to add to the group.  Once you have selected all of the users, click on Add to Groups button at the bottom of the screen:

Once the you click Add to Groups, you will be able to select the groups that you want to add the users to and then click Add to Groups:

Deleting Users from a Group

To delete users from a group, go to User Management and select the group from the dropdown.  Then select the users you want to remove and click on Remove from Group:

Editing your Group

1. Select the group you want to edit.
2. Click on the edit link.

Changing Group Roles

The previous actions will bring you into the Edit Group panel.

1. Group name - this is the group that you originally selected, or change it to a different group.
2. Role - here you can change the contributor level for this group.
3. Save your changes.

Deleting a group

To delete a Group:

1. Select the group to be deleted.
2. Click delete.

To confirm your deletion, a confirm deletion screen will appear.

1. Double check that the group you are deleting is the correct group. Once this group is deleted you will not be able to retrieve it.
2. Delete the group.

Once you have done that, MindTouch will redirect back to the groups page where you will see the group has been deleted. 

There are many different ways to manage your account. We have covered all of them including adding users with two different methods, editing your group and deleting your group.

Locating Group IDs

If you would like to locate the group ID for any of your groups type /@api/deki/groups in the URL box on your browser.

Press enter, and you will see something like this:


The red boxes are where you will find your group IDs. 


This video reviews group management within MindTouch but doesn't include all of the functionality above:

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