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Create an email workflow for submitted issues (SAP KC)

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:


This will create the work flow of where and what is sent as an email. To do this we need to set the following:

Configure the email subject

To set this up, add the configuration key workflow/submit-issue/email-subject-template, and set the value to what ever data you added in the contact support form. Since the subject field is available in our boilerplate, here is an example of a value:

Subject: "{{SUBJECT}}"

Configure the email body

To Set this up, add the configuration key workflow/submit-issue/email-plain-body-template, and set the value to  whatever data you might need from the contact support form. Example:

First Name: "{{FIRSTNAME}}",
Last Name: {{LASTNAME}}
Description: {{DESCRIPTION}},
Path: {{_PATH}},
Search: {{_SEARCH}

Configure email to send with HTML body

If you want to send your email with HTML content in it you must add and use the configuration key workflow/submit-issue/email-body-template, and set the value to the data you might need to complete the contact support form. It is important to note that your template must be enclosed inside <HTML> and <BODY> tags. Example:

        FirstName: {{FIRSTNAME}} <br/>
        LastName: {{LASTNAME}} <br/>
        Description: {{DESCRIPTION}} <br/>
        Path: {{_PATH}} <br/>
        Search Query: {{_SEARCH}} <br/>

Configure email recipients

To set this up, add the configuration key workflow/submit-issue/email-recipients, and set the value to any email address

Configure where the page will redirect upon form completion

To set this up, add the configuration key workflow/submit-issue/next-uri-template​, and set the value to either of the following:

  • A page within your site. Example: /help/thankyou (Ideally a thank you page that you can create, which will be redirect to, upon successful ticket submission.)
  • Or an external page. Example:

Workflow rules

  • If you want to email as your workflow, you must set, workflow/submit-issue/email-recipients.
  • If you want to set a body through workflow/submit-issue/email-body-template​​ or workflow/submit-issue/email-plain-body-template, the subject must be set through workflow/submit-issue/email-subject-template.
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