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Create a "Contact Support" path (SAP KC)

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:

The "Contact Support" workflow allows you to configure where the user will be redirected to when they select the contact support button. This can be configured to redirect to an external site, or it can be used to redirect internally to any page in your MindTouch site, possibly a MindTouch contact support form.

To configure the Contact Support workflow, set the keyworkflow/contact-support/next-uri-template to the following:

  • An URL
  • Or an absolute path (if redirecting within your site).


The following values are available for use in the contact support workflow:

{{_PATH}} –  path where the search was conducted prior to submitting issue.
{{_CUSTOMERACTIVITYID}} –  customer activity id of the user who created the ticket.


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