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Update broken or redirected links

Written by James Calleja
Former MindTouch Employee at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

The MindTouch link manager allows administrators to update broken or redirected links to ensure users are able to find the information they need and to improve a site's search ranking by eliminating Page Not Found (404) messages. Follow the steps in this article to update broken or redirected links.

  1. Run a link report.
  2. In the results table, click the link of the page on which you want to update the broken or moved link(s).

image of broken links in link report

  1. Open the page in Edit mode.

  1. Update the links via View mode or via Source mode.
  1. Locate the link (look for the text displayed in the Content column of the link report).
  2. Click the link and select Edit link.

  1. Replace the URL or hyperlink in question with your desired URL.
  2. Click Save link.


  1. In the editor, click View Source

  1. Press Command +F (Control+F) and search for the broken link.
  2. Update the href link with a working link.
  3. Click Save.


Refresh your report and verify the status of your link has changed.


What's next?

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