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Touchpoints are integrations that extend your MindTouch content to embed within any web property, e-commerce pages, web forms, community forums, social channels, inside your application or product, and more.

Use Touchpoints to leverage your product documentation for:

  • Customer engagement. Provide additional product help when users are trying to educate themselves or solve a problem on their own (support site).
  • Upsell opportunities. Suggest additional products or add-ons as customers are buying a product (e-commerce site).
  • Brand engagement. Provide additional details on functionalities to turn users into product experts (support site or in-product).
  • Technical validation. Make product information easily available to potential customers who are researching your product (marketing site).
  • Sales execution. Offer last-minute product information to customers who are about to abandon their shopping carts (e-commerce site).
  • Product adoption. Provide additional details on functionalities to give customers the opportunity to become successful product adopters  (support site or in-product).
  • Agent enablement. Empower your support and sales teams with access to the most current and relevant solutions.
  • Knowledge management. Identify and close self-service documentation gaps.

Currently available Touchpoints include

  • Contextual help - add a contextual help link in your web properties and applications
  • Contextual help button - add a contextual help button in your web properties and applications
  • Search - embed a search function for your MindTouch content in any web page or application where the results open in your MindTouch site
  • Search-in-place - embed a search function for your MindTouch content in any web page or application where the results appear on the current page
  • Customer insight - see user search and viewing interactions with your MindTouch site
  • Sign-in - allow users to authenticate to see permissioned content from your MindTouch site from any of your web properties or applications
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