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Customer Insights Touchpoint

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
The Customer Insights Touchpoint is an embedded integration that allows your agents to gain insight into customer search and viewing behaviors on your MindTouch site.

The customer insights Touchpoint requires users to be signed into your MindTouch site. We recommend using this in conjunction with the sign-in Touchpoint.

Example use case

Your support team gets an email from a customer trying to find a solution to a problem. One of your support agents opens a case in your ticketing system to log the issue. Instead of reaching out to the customer blindly, the support agent enters the customer's ID into the customer insights Touchpoint . From the returned results, the support agent finds out that the customer has already looked at numerous pages related to the issue in an attempt to find a solution. Armed with this information, the support agent now can reach out to the customer and offer a new, unique solution plan.

Agent experience

  1. Agents see a search bar in your CRM or other web property.
    Screenshot of customer insights touchpoint search bar
  2. Agents search for a customer with either the customer's user name, id or token.
    Screenshot of the customer insights touchpoint
  3. Agents can review two different activities:  accessed articles and search results viewed.
    Screenshot of customer insights touchpoint result types
  4. A legend indicates the timeframe in which the customer searched for or interacted with your help content.
    Screenshot of customer insights touchpoint legend
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