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Create or Edit MindTouch Content in Service Cloud

Automatically create a new article based on a case in Salesforce.

Give your agents the ability to create or edit content based on customer interactions to efficiently capture knowledge from the front lines and use it to help other agents handle similar issues in the future

Enable content creation and editing as part of MindTouch for Salesforce Service Cloud integration.

Create Tab

An optional feature based on implementation, give your agents the ability to create or new content real-time based on customer interactions.


Select template

The content will load based on the default template. Select an alternative from the Select template drop-down menu. 


Choose the site location (path) where the article will live. Default is set to homepage.


Automatically pulls subject from case into article title. This field can be modified.


Automatically pulls description from case into the first section of the article. This template setting can be modified.

If Add case description to page summary is selected in configuration setup, the newly created page will include a page summary that is populated by the Salesforce Case Description.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 4.11.51 PM.png

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