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MindTouch Success Center

Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Empower your agents to solve cases faster with access to MindTouch knowledge and customer insights within Salesforce Service Cloud.

Agents can search, view, and create MindTouch knowledge without leaving their workspace. They can also get insights into what customers have searched and viewed prior to submitting a case. 

The MindTouch for Salesforce integration is a KCS™ v6 verified solution that maximizes agent efficiency and effectiveness by incorporating knowledge creation and improvement, along with KCS™ best practices, into the agent workflow.

Use Cases

  • Agent needs to view knowledge base content - to help solve cases faster
  • Agent needs to create knowledge base content - to instantly publish new knowledge articles that will help agents who encounter the same issue in the future
  • Agent needs to follow KCS methodology - to capture content in the workflow and follow KCS best practices


  • Search - search MindTouch content based on submitted ticket
  • View - view MindTouch  content without leaving Salesforce
  • Insights - See what customers have searched and viewed so that you can provide a faster and more relevant solution
  • *Create - give your agents the ability to create new content based on customer interactions to efficiently capture knowledge from the front lines and use it to help other agents handle similar issues in the future
  • *KCS - KCS v6 verified solution enables your agents to follow KCS best practices as they resolve cases

*Optional based on implementation

Agent Experience

  • Access MindTouch content from within Salesforce - only see content based on MindTouch permissions, which can automatically limit to product areas or other filters.
  • Share MindTouch content with a customer - copy and paste relevant info from MindTouch content or use email templates that auto-populate with link to solution content.
  • Link MindTouch content to case history - generate reports about what content resolves customer issues.
  • Create a Salesforce "Submit a Ticket" form
    Use a Salesforce Web-to-Case form in MindTouch that allows your users to send a support request from MindTouch into Salesforce. This requires previous experience with HTML.
  • Create New Article from Case
    Automatically create a new article based on a case in Salesforce.
  • Editor Lite
    Editor Lite is a streamlined editing panel that gives agents exactly what they need to create knowledge while in Salesforce.
  • MindTouch for Service Cloud Elements
    Customers can submit a case via a contact form that auto-populates customer history and relevant MindTouch content in the Salesforce case.
  • KCS in Service Cloud
    KCS is a configuration option in MindTouch for Salesforce Service Cloud.

To implement MindTouch for Salesforce Service Cloud integration, contact your Customer Success Manager.

The latest version of MindTouch
An available Touchpoint license
Salesforce Lightning or Salesforce Classic

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