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Upload Your MindTouch for Zendesk Private App Into Zendesk

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Upload your MindTouch for Zendesk private app into the Zendesk agent experience.


App Setup

We designed the MindTouch for Zendesk private app to be a quick and light integration. However, we recommend trying the integration first inside your Zendesk sandbox. If you have questions regarding your Zendesk sandbox, talk to your Zendesk administrator.

On November 2016, Zendesk rebranded their product. Use the images on this page for reference only with the understanding that the design changed slightly but functionality is similar.

  1. Sign in to Zendesk.
  2. (Optional) Open your Sandbox instance
  3. Navigate to Admin Home > Apps Header > Manage > Upload private app


  1. Screenshot of private app upload screen in Zendesk
  2. Give your app a name, upload the private app you previously generated and click Upload.
    Screenshot of Touchpoints for Zendesk upload app interface
  3. Read and understand the Zendesk disclaimer and click Upload again
  4. (Optional) In the Installation screen, enable role restrictions for the app  (talk to your Zendesk administrator for direction if necessary)
    Screenshot of Touchpoint for Zendesk install dialog.
  5. Click Install
  6. Verify private app installation. You should see the private app listed under My Apps in your Zendesk installation
    Screenshot of Touchpoint for Zendesk located in My Apps in Zendesk
  7. To verify the agent facing experience, navigate to Manage Header > Ticket Fields
  8. Verify your two custom fields were added by the MindTouch for Zendesk private app. If you do not see the custom fields, try refreshing your browser. These fields are necessary for the app to function correctly
  9. Open a current ticket
  10. Click Apps in the top right corner to see MindTouch for Zendesk


  1. Screenshot of the apps interface in zendesk

If you do not see MindTouch for Zendesk, check your app permissions to verify if haven't accidently blocked yourself from seeing it. 

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