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Set up MindTouch for Zendesk

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Setting up MindTouch for Zendesk can be as simple as uploading a pre-packaged application into Zendesk. For a deeper, more insightful integration, Customer Insights can be extended with a MindTouch Analytics Connector.


MindTouch for Zendesk can be setup by a MindTouch site and Zendesk administrator by downloading a Zendesk private application and uploading it into the Zendesk agent experience. After installing the application, it is highly recommended that your customer-facing ticketing form in your Zendesk Help Center also be integrated with the MindTouch site. This step requires the integration of a MindTouch Analytics Connector and provides your support agents with deeper insight into what customers are viewing or searching for, before and after they submit a ticket into Zendesk.

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