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MindTouch for Zendesk Overview

MindTouch for Zendesk is a CRM integration designed for the Zendesk agent-facing experience.

MindTouch for Zendesk pertains only to Zendesk instances. Instructions to create and configure this package do not apply to other CRM's or ticketing systems.

Why Should I Use MindTouch for Zendesk?

Integrating MindTouch for Zendesk into your Zendesk application provides the following benefits:

  • Insight into customer behavior. Support agents gain valuable insight into the user behavior of customers who are submitting tickets.
  • Targeted ticket resolution. Support agents are better equipped to answer customer questions, provide meaningful direction and close tickets faster.
  • Self-service opportunities. Customers will be more satisfied with their experience and have opportunities to learn, self-serve and engage.
  • Content quality control. Content managers gain insight into which documentation is lacking in providing help to customers.

How Agents Experience MindTouch for Zendesk

Zendesk agents encounter Mindtouch for Zendesk as follows (see panel at far right and custom fields to the left):

This image shows the new touchpoints for zendesk layout

MindTouch for Zendesk Components and Features


Sign-in allows users to log in to MindTouch while inside Zendesk. Users who are already signed in to your MindTouch instance outside of Zendesk, are automatically signed in within the Zendesk environment. Otherwise, users can click "Sign in to MindTouch" (or custom text you designated when the integration was created) to open your MindTouch-powered site in a new tab. Once a user is signed in, MindTouch for Zendesk automatically updates the user's sign-in status.


Customer insights

Customer insights helps your agents understand your customer's history — what they are trying to accomplish, where they have looked for help and what they may have missed. If your ticket form is set up to grab your user's event data in MindTouch, that data is automatically pulled into the customer insights tool to show your customer's search and view history. Use this intelligence to deliver a more personalized, accurate, and valuable troubleshooting experience.


Search automatically pulls the subject line of the customer's ticket into the search bar and performs a quick search of your MindTouch site. When agents click on an article displayed in the search results list, the article opens in a new tab. Agents can expand their search to find the most relevant article to assist your customer.

Link to Ticket

Use Link to ticket to attach MindTouch articles as links to your Zendesk support ticket response. Linked articles appear as hyperlinks in the response editor box.

Publish Solution

Publish Solution adds a checkbox into your Zendesk environment that agents can check to identify when your knowledge content is lacking. By marking this field, you can run a report in Zendesk to better understand which documentation needs to be updated or improved to help the customer to succeed.

This checkbox WILL NOT publish an article directly to MindTouch. It will flag your ticket for reference to a future article to be written with proper guidance and management. Failure to properly vet all new additions into your success center may lead to adverse effects such as low-quality documents and negative effects on SEO.


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