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Webtrends integration

Integrate Webtrends with your MindTouch site to get web analytics around your documentation.

What are the benefits of integrating with Webtrends?

Webtrends enables digital marketers to deliver the most relevant messages and experiences that drive remarkable results across their mobile, social and web efforts. Integration with Webtrends allows you to get additional statistics about the readers of your documentation. Here are some of the highlights of Webtrends:

  • Track nearly anything
  • Share information among your team
  • Connect analytics to other marketing systems
  • Compare web to other digital channels
  • Intelligent campaign landing page discovery

How do I integrate with Webtrends?

Adding the Webtrends JavaScript tag to your MindTouch site requires the enablement of global JavaScript targeting in the footer. This may already be enabled for your site or you may need to get it enabled. Contact your account manager to check whether JavaScript targeting is enabled.

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