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Eloqua integration

Eloqua can be integrated with MindTouch to extend your marketing team's visibility into your customers and prospects interaction with your documentation.

About Eloqua

Eloqua’s B2B marketing automation and revenue performance management platform arms marketing professionals with the power to improve the lead generation process and improve the company's bottom line. In fact, more marketers rely on Eloqua than all other marketing automation platforms combined. Documentation has always been a consistent destination for prospects and customers to find out more about the product offering and features. Companies can implement Eloqua within MindTouch to target these prospects and customers so that they can effectively follow up with them and convert them in the funnel.

What are the benefits of integrating with Eloqua?

By integrating Eloqua with your MindTouch help system, you'll be able to have a holistic understanding of how your customers and prospects interact with your documentation which leads to:

  • Up-sales
  • New lead generation
  • Improved marketing automation

How do I set up this integration?

In order to set up the Eloqua integration, fill out our contact form and ask for the Eloqua integration. An account representative will then reach out to you and provide more details.

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