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Zendesk User Guide Integration (Legacy)

This article provides an overview of the MindTouch legacy integration for Zendesk.


  • Reduce the time to resolution for customers questions
  • Reinforce and support the KCS methodology
  • Improve the accessibility to MindTouch content across your organization to help close cases, leads, and help improve the success of your customers


Searching MindTouch from within Zendesk

Upon loading a case, you'll see the MindTouch search interface on the right-hand side of the screen.

The site name was configured during installation. The search field is set up to search MindTouch automatically as you type, but by default will search using the text from the case subject field. You have the ability to specify a different field to use as the default search.

Refining search results

On load, the integration displays 10 results. Click the Refine search drop-down menu to facet your search. Faceting makes it easier for your users to find the articles they are looking for.

TIP: Click the one-line summary of an article to view the full summary.

When you scroll to the bottom of the search results, a Show more results button allows users to display 10 more results. If there are fewer than 10 results, search fetches the max results. 

Linking articles to cases

Once you find the article(s) you are looking to share with your customers, click the Link to Case button to link the article to the case. The article's URL is automatically populated in the comment field of the case:


Share articles with customers

Once you have linked the article(s) you want to share with your customer, click Public Reply to send an email to your customer containing the link to the article.

Create new articles in MindTouch from Zendesk

Reinforcing KCS best practices is key with any support agent interaction. The Zendesk integration allows your agents to create new article suggestions from case content so that you can build up your repository of solve/evolve documentation.

View MindTouch customer insights in Zendesk

MindTouch customer insights lets support agents see a full history of a customer's searches and page view activity.  MindTouch customer insights make it easy to understand the customer's mindset before they even submit a case. Agents can avoid sending duplicate articles to customers and check whether customers have visited articles that have been sent previously. 

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