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Add append and prepend text to F1 contextual help (TCS)

What can I do with Append/Prepend?

Append/Prepend allow you to add HTML and Javascript to the top or bottom of your F1 Contextual Help dialog. This provides the following benefits:

  • Ability to add custom analytics to your F1 Contextual Help and track your user's behavior within your web application
  • Ability to add Marketing Automation to F1 Contextual Help to tie into your Marketing and Sales flow
  • Ability to add chat within F1 Contextual Help so that you can provide interactive support to your customers and be aware of what article they need help on
  • Ability to add a custom message within your F1 Contextual Help dialog that you want to broadcast to all users

Append/Prepend vs F1 Custom Header/Footer

The F1 Contextual help dialog has 2 separate areas within it. The inner dialog and then outer frame:

F1_contextual_help dialog.png

The outer frame is highlighted in blue above and is above and below the inner dialog. Custom header/footer for F1 targets the outer frame where the append/prepend adds to the top and bottom of the inner dialog as it relates to the article being shown.

Append/Prepend Example

Here is an example of Append/Prepend where I add "Top of the Page" and "Bottom of the Page" to the top and bottom of the F1 Inner Dialog:

F1 append and prepend.png

I was able to add this in with the following code in a DekiScript block:

NOTE: Support will provide the Template for you to enable this functionality

<b>"Top of the Page";</b>

    <body target="f1_append">
        <p><b>"Bottom of the page"</b></p>

In the above example, be sure to surround any text strings with double quotes to ensure the DekiScript block renders the text as a string and not a variable.

Once you've added the code above then you'll be able to see the changes through your F1 Contextual Help dialog. 

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