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F1 contextual help (TCS)

MindTouch F1 Contextual Help allows you to add contextual help, served directly from your MindTouch site, within your application, site, and anywhere that you need to serve help content to your users.

Contextual Help Touchpoint integration is a newer method for contextual help.

MindTouch F1 Contextual Help

MindTouch F1 Contextual Help allows users to see MindTouch content wherever F1 is deployed including within an Application or a site. Not only do the articles show within the site, but also images and videos so that your users don't have to leave the Application/Site to get the help they need.

F1 contextual help.png

At the top of the F1 dialog, the user has 5 options to navigate through the F1 dialog:

F1 top nav.png

  • Back allows the user to navigate to the previous article in F1 if they clicked on a link or navigated to a new location in the dialog
  • Forward allows the user to return to a page that they visited after they selected Back
  • Home will take the user to the Home Page for your MindTouch site
  • Open Article will open the current article that you are looking at in a new browser Tab/Window and surface through the MindTouch site
  • Search allows the user to search for any article within MindTouch and then view the article within F1 (see more about search below)

Searching in F1

Not only can users view articles within F1, but they also have the ability to search within the F1 Dialog so that they can find and view articles without leaving your application:

F1 search.png

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