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Create an email workflow for submitted issues (SAP KC)


This will create the work flow of where and what is sent as an email. To do this we need to set the following:

Configure the email subject

To set this up, add the configuration key workflow/submit-issue/email-subject-template, and set the value to what ever data you added in the contact support form. Since the subject field is available in our boilerplate, here is an example of a value:

Subject: "{{SUBJECT}}"

Configure the email body

To Set this up, add the configuration key workflow/submit-issue/email-plain-body-template, and set the value to  whatever data you might need from the contact support form. Example:

First Name: "{{FIRSTNAME}}",
Last Name: {{LASTNAME}}
Description: {{DESCRIPTION}},
Path: {{_PATH}},
Search: {{_SEARCH}

Configure email to send with HTML body

If you want to send your email with HTML content in it you must add and use the configuration key workflow/submit-issue/email-body-template, and set the value to the data you might need to complete the contact support form. It is important to note that your template must be enclosed inside <HTML> and <BODY> tags. Example:

        FirstName: {{FIRSTNAME}} <br/>
        LastName: {{LASTNAME}} <br/>
        Description: {{DESCRIPTION}} <br/>
        Path: {{_PATH}} <br/>
        Search Query: {{_SEARCH}} <br/>

Configure email recipients

To set this up, add the configuration key workflow/submit-issue/email-recipients, and set the value to any email address

Configure where the page will redirect upon form completion

To set this up, add the configuration key workflow/submit-issue/next-uri-template​, and set the value to either of the following:

  • A page within your site. Example: /help/thankyou (Ideally a thank you page that you can create, which will be redirect to, upon successful ticket submission.)
  • Or an external page. Example:

Workflow rules

  • If you want to email as your workflow, you must set, workflow/submit-issue/email-recipients.
  • If you want to set a body through workflow/submit-issue/email-body-template​​ or workflow/submit-issue/email-plain-body-template, the subject must be set through workflow/submit-issue/email-subject-template.
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