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Touchpoint for CRMs

Touchpoint for CRMs
The MindTouch Touchpoint for CRM is a generic connector that can be configured to surface MindTouch content and data into any CRM system.


  • Admin rights to your MindTouch site
  • Admin rights to your third-party ticketing system or CRM
  • A resource to create the integration in your CRM (developer, SI, etc.)

Embed Touchpoints into CRM

  1. Familiarize yourself with your CRM. Before starting to develop your Touchpoint, you must verify that your platform accepts custom code. Every platform is different in how they handle integrations with third-party platforms.
  2. Create the Touchpoints necessary for your particular integration, configuring to fit your system:
  3. Embed/upload your Touchpoints. You will either need technical expertise or a resource who can handle this project.
  4. Test and verify your integration. Your integration should be visible and functional in a custom view within your ticket system agent experience. 



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