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Capture Manager for Service Cloud elements

Capture Manager for Service Cloud offers efficient knowledge integration for agents using Service Cloud.

This solution is custom-configured for each client by MindTouch Professional Services. Elements and labels may differ from what is documented.

This solution became generally available April 5, 2019 and is only implemented by request for each MindTouch site.

Capture Manager for Service Cloud is designed to support KCS Methodology.


Search - integrated search that automatically suggests articles based on ticket information

View - access and navigate through all knowledge articles without leaving Salesforce

Insights - see content viewed and searches performed by customers before they submitted a case

Create - automatically pull case subject and description into a new article with easy template to add resolution information via Editor Lite

Link to Case - connect knowledge to tickets to help the customer and inform product improvements

Edit - When viewing an article, use Editor Lite to improve the article real-time

Search Tab

  • Search field - Auto-populated by the subject of the case and the search is executed immediately. You can modify the search text and refine search through filtering
  • Link to Case - Attaches the article to the case record, stores article-case association in MindTouch, copies to clipboard
  • Unlink from case - Removes the article from the case record, remove the article-case association that was stored in MindTouch
  • Copy Linked articles - Copies all Linked articles to the clipboard for easy pasting into response to customer


View Tab

View and navigate content from your MindTouch site

  • Edit - Edit article as long as you have appropriate permissions
  • Link to Case - Attach article to case record, copy to clipboard
  • Open article - View article in new tab in MindTouch

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 4.02.09 PM.png

Insights Tab 

From the insights tab, you can see what the user searched and viewed in the knowledge base.


Create Tab

Select the Create tab to automatically create a new article from a case.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 4.11.51 PM.png

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