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Set up your CRM workflow (SAP KC)


  • Set up Contact Support form.
  • Set up Request Article form.
  • Set up search page.


After you have your set up and creating forms, you need need to set up the workflow to put it all together. To do this, you need to be admin of your site, and have access to advance configuration in the control panel. Once you have all the right permissions, head to the control panel and select advanced configuration under configuration.

Redirect to external site

To set up the action of where the contact support button will redirect you, you can redirect it to any site and available values like _PATH and _QUERY. To do this you must:

Set the workflow/contact-support/next-uri-template to any external site you may have


Redirect within MindTouch

To set up the action of where the contact support button will redirect you, you can redirect to a particular path within your site. Ideally this would be the contact support form you may have set up. Set the workflow/contact-support/next-uri-template to any external site you may have:

Example: /Help/Contact_Support?query={{_SEARCH}}&path={{_PATH}}

If you want to pass the search query that is entered in and the customer activity ID session, then your URL would look like this:

Example: /Help/Contact_Support?query={{_SEARCH}}&cid={{_CUSTOMERACTIVITYID}

Note that if you are passing these values to an external form, then you'd change the query parameter to match the field you want to target. Ex: If the field you want to fill in has the name of subject, then the URL could look something like this:


Workflow Values

Any value you used in the forms you create, can be used in its corresponding workflow. For example, the Contact Support form values, can be used in the Submit Issue workflow, and the Request Article form values can be used in the Submit Article Request workflow.

There are some values that are readily available and these cannot be overridden. They are prefixed by a underscore, and they provide data that can be essential:

{{_PATH}} - path where the search was conducted prior to submitting issue
{{_EMAIL}} - email of the user who created the ticket
{{_CUSTOMERACTIVITYID}} - customer activity id of the user who created the ticket.
{{_SEARCH}} - search query from the user that created the ticket.

To use a custom value, you must surround the name of the input element in


For example, if in the the contact support form I have a form field named product, I can access that by:



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