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Troubleshoot your SAP integrations

This article explains common troubleshooting steps to take when creating a generic MindTouch integration with your SAP CRM.

How to troubleshoot your integrations

Step 1: Confirm local HTML behavior

Each of the MindTouch integration samples has a plain HTML file, configured to use as the endpoint. Change the settings to your MindTouch site and confirm the widget behavior when stored as a regular HTML file running from your local computer. If there are problems accessing the API from local HTML files, contact MindTouch Support.

Step 2: Confirm AJAX requests inside your CRM

After adding the HTML to the CRM, confirm AJAX requests are firing correctly. In Chrome, open Developer Tools and switch to the Network tab. Then attempt to use the widget, such as issuing a search:

In this case, we see the request to the query API, with a 200 OK returned. Ensure there are no issues here, such as a certificate that needs to be accepted. (Some trial sites may not have certificates setup, and are using self-signed certs that must be accepted.)

Otherwise, AJAX issues from requests originating within an external CRM must be resolved by their support team.

Step 3: Confirm Javascript behavior inside the CRM

The CRMs/CEMs may have its own Javascript definitions which interfere with the behavior of the widget. To troubleshoot:

  • Check the Javascript error console for errors, like conflicting versions of jQuery. (The MindTouch code samples load jQuery into a j$ variable to avoid conflicts, but you may need to find/replace this with another variable to ensure compatibility.) 
  • If the CRM requires AJAX requests to use their proxy, you may need to change the existing API calls that use j$.ajax() to use the new function instead.

Otherwise, Javascript errors within an external CRM must be resolved by their support team.

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