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Integrate a "Suggest Article" workflow

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:

Integrate a MindTouch publish experience into your existing SAP CRM.

With a publish workflow, agents can capture new customer success information as a by-product of support. Users can quickly suggest or draft articles, which are then routed to a queue (in your CRM) or published to a private area for review.

Integrating a suggested articles workflow allows you to:

  • Create a cycle of self-improvement - Customer information that solved a case is shared with the organization, which improves later support.
  • Drive collaboration - Agents feel empowered to use their experience to contribute to customer success.
  • Guarantee fast contributions - Agents can suggest content with the push of a button, without training.

Next steps

Contact MindTouch Professional Services for more information to enable this integration.

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