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Integrate "Contact Support" with MindTouch search

What is the "Contact Support" search integration?

The search Integration provides a decision tree experience for your users which will guide them to a form that you control if they can't find an answer. There are a set of help forms integrated with your MindTouch deployment. Using these forms you can create a step by step flow for your customer when contacting your support team. In order to configure the search integration, you must be an Administrator of your MindTouch site.

After completing this you will then have a great help experience to provide your customers through Search. This experience will provide the first level of deflection for your users while still providing them a path to reach out to support if they are unable to answer their question. 

Where does integration start?

The integration begins at your search page. After a user with a community or anonymous (not-logged in) seat performs a search they will see a "Contact Support" button at the bottom of their Search results.


Steps to set up your Contact Support button

  1. In order to set up your contact support button you need to be an Administrator as it is located in the Control Panel. Within the Control Panel you will see Integrations on the left sidebar.

  2. Clicking on the plus sign will expand the settings for different button behaviors. If you would like, you can click the checkbox to send an e-mail once the button is clicked. To start you can enter in the e-mail recipients, separating each e-mail with a comma. Next enter in the e-mail's subject. After that you can choose which type of e-mail body you would like to use. The HTML format is recommended as it's the friendliest format to include in e-mails but the plain-text body can work as well. Once you've completed the body you can choose to move to the "Submit Issue Button Behavior" or scroll to the bottom and save your settings. The following is an example of HTML format that you can use but can choose to use any format you would like:
      Article Creation Subject:
      Submitted By:


Variable options

There are different variable options you can add that will fill in data from your support forms and will depend on the form.  If you look at the name field in the DekiScript block used for your form it will tell you which variable to use.  For example:


Configuring your Contact Support button

The contact support button is located at the bottom of your search results within Search. It is only exposed to community members and anonymous users (not logged in).  It will only appear once you've set up a path for the button to redirect your user as detailed in the button above. If you'd like to change the text for the contact support button, you can add this variable under the MindTouch object on the Variables page which can be found appending this page path to your site's URL: /Template:System/Variables.

let export = {    
        mindtouch: {
        contactSupportButton: 'Contact my success team'

After configuring your button text your anonymous users (not logged in) and community members will then see the new text appear at the end of their search results:


What's next?

Now that you understand how to set up your MindTouch Search integration you can start creating your request article and submit a ticket forms.

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