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Export and Import Content

MindTouch API Documentation Knowledge Management Topic: Export and Import Content


Many different knowledge management use cases, such as Content Translation, can be automated through the use of Job API endpoints to export and import content. Job API endpoints can start content import and export jobs, cancel, and check the status of in-progress jobs. Content import and export job requests are sent to a background job queue to be processed when compute resources are available to handle the job. Since concurrent content import and export jobs can possibly be stressful on systems during high load, the job queue handles tasks with the following rules:

  • There are no limits on the number of concurrent content export jobs that can run per MindTouch site, however, a content export job cannot start if a content import job is in progress
  • Only one content import job can run concurrently per MindTouch site

Completed, failed, or canceled jobs can optionally trigger a notification to be sent to either an email address or a webhook.

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