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Browser API Tokens

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
Learn how browser API tokens provide secure cross-origin web application integrations with the MindTouch API.

Why You Need a Browser API Token

Browser API tokens are used for cross origin development and integration between your web application and your MindTouch website. Normally, web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox do not allow JavaScript applications running on one website to access data from another. Browsers block cross-origin requests and responses due to the security issues it can cause, especially if one website's JavaScript application uses the cookies of another website to impersonate a user's identity for nefarious purposes. However, a website can declare which third party websites can securely access its data using Cross Origin Resource Sharing. Browser API tokens allow developers to implement CORS in a safe and secure manner. In addition to CORS, browser API tokens also allow same origin API access from JavaScript executing in your MindTouch content to your MindTouch site API.

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