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Track usage of your API integrations

MindTouch allows you to track the usage of any API integration that you implement. This how-to allows administrators to monitor adoption and quality of their MindTouch integrations. Learn how to implement your API extension so that MindTouch can seamlessly track its activity.

Append your request

MindTouch recognizes your custom extension by way of a query parameter. You can append this query parameter to any request made against the MindTouch API.

The origin parameter groups all requests together and tracks them over time:

MindTouch only supports dashes (-), underscores (_), pluses (+), periods (.), and percent signs (%) in the origin requests. Requests using any other symbols or that are longer than 30 characters will be listed under "Invalid" in the usage report.

Track usage

Now that your extension is appending this parameter, track usage:

  1. Navigate to the usage report.
  2. Your extension shows up as a separate category in the table and shows how many requests have been received.



Now that you have some insight into how your extension is being used, adapt it to see how it fares over time. If you need help integrating with the MindTouch API, check out our API documentation.

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