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site/query (GET)


Search the site index with analytical tracking. Primarily for user facing search.

  • REST Method: GET
  • Method Access: public

Query Parameters

Name Type Description
explain bool? Include ranking details (default: false)
recommendations bool? Include recommendations (default: true)
constraint string? Additional search constraints (ex: language:en-us AND type:wiki) default: none
q string lucene search string
sortby {rank, title, modified}? Sort field. Prefix value with '-' to sort descending. (default: -rank)
offset int? Number of items to skip. Must be a positive number or 0 to not skip any. (default: 0)
limit int? Maximum number of items to retrieve. Must be a positive number (default: 25)
previousqueryid ulong? Query tracking id of previous query, if this is a follow-up query
parser {bestguess|term|lucene}? The parser to use for the query (default: bestguess)
queryid ulong? Query tracking id returned by original query result (used for paging/changing sort order)
authenticate bool? Force authentication for request (default: false)
summarypath string? Path to calculate result count summary (default: none)
notrack bool? Disable analytics query tracking (default: false)

Return Codes

Name Value Description
OK 200 The request completed successfully
Bad Request 400 Invalid input parameter or request body

Constraint keys

  • Language
  • Extension (file type)
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