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Generate a server API token

This article provides instructions for generating browser API tokens for external development efforts or for MindTouch integrations requiring API access.

To generate an API token, you must be an administrator as well as have an allowance of tokens.

Why do I need a server API token?

Server API tokens are used to create integrations from your server application and the MindTouch API. The token consists of a key and a secret which are used to sign API requests, allowing valid requests through and rejecting invalid or expired requests. The token secret is meant to be kept in a secure place, and should never be shared or sent across the internet in plain text.

How to generate a server API token

To generate a server API token, perform the following steps:

Navigate to your API token management page

  1. Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard.

Dev Token Dashboard Link.png

  1.  Under Integrations, click API token management.

 If you cannot find API token management within Integrations, contact your Customer Success Manager to enable the feature.

Configure the server API token

  1. In the Add an API token section, select the Server radio button.
  2. Enter a token Name.
  3. Click Generate API token.

Image showing api token dialog entry fields

  1. When prompted, copy your API secret to a safe location.

Image of the api token created window including secret

Do not close the Token created window without documenting your secret. Your API key will not function without your secret, and your secret will no longer be accessible once the window is closed. Both the key and the secret are necessary for integrating with the MindTouch API, so don't lose them.

What's next?

Learn how to use your API token.

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