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Manage site content via the dashboard (SAP KC)

Manage your content to create a site that enables your users to become your brand advocates.  The content management tool contains links to features that enable you to create quality content and to provide a true success experience.

Managing your content is the sum and substance of a successful site—a site that ultimately enables users to become your product experts. Create content IDs to redirect generic URLs to associated articles; track drafts and ensure that your valuable content doesn't slip through the cracks; set global variables and efficiently update content throughout your site; classify and tag content to create productive workflows and improve related articles suggestions; create and manage templates to allow authors to create consistently constructed content for your users. The content management tool in the dashboard provides you with everything you need to create the quality content that will distinguish your site as a true user success experience:

Content Management links

  • Content ID manager.  Create simple identifiers for what might otherwise be complex URLs. Configure content IDs so that generic URLs resolve to associated articles. 
  • Draft Manager.  Find and manage all the drafts that exist on your site. Keep track of drafts that are in the works and plan which articles to complete next based on your users' search queries.
  • Global variables.  Set global variables and ensure that frequently used content is globally updated across your entire site when changes become necessary. Global variables not only allow you to make changes quickly (think of one single change on a page versus having to update tens or hundreds of pages individually), but also provide a consistent user experience. Consistent language from one page to the next, creates a familiarity with your users and lets them easily connect with your content, which in turn makes their learning that much more successful. 
  • Page classification manager.  Find and manage the classifications and tags of all the articles that exist on your site. Batch update pages, identify misclassified content, and export reports based on classifications or tags. Remember that shared tags improve the related articles suggestions presented to your users, while classifications can help manage your unique workflows.
  • Template directory.  Access the template directory. Here you can find, edit and create custom templates to ensure uniformity of content across your site.