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Upgrade your YouTube API v3 key (SAP KC)

MindTouch allows you to conveniently search for YouTube videos when adding videos to your pages. Since Google has deprecated the use of the YouTube API v2 in favor of API v3, you may encounter the following message:


NOTE: If this is your first time setting up an API key, follow the instructions on creating your API key.  

Navigate to the Google Developers Console

  1. Log into your Google account.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click Select a project on the console toolbar and select Create a new project.


  1. Enter a project name and click Create.


  1. Click the Enable and manage APIs link.


  1. Select YouTube Data API from the Popular APIs list.


Enable the API and create credentials

  1. Enable the YouTube Data API v3.


  1. Click Go to credentials.


  1. Select the API key link.


  1. Click Browser key.



  1. Name your key and the URL(s) of the domain(s) you would like to include for the API key and click Create.


NOTE: If you have two deployments one named and, add only *

  1. Copy the API key.


Configure the MindTouch editor to use the API key

  1. Access  Site toolsControl panel in your pro member bar.
  2. Under System Settings, click Editor.  
  3. Paste your API key in the YouTube API Key section and click Save.


NOTE:  It may take a few minutes before API keys are updated.

What's next?

After you have successfully added your new YouTube API key, learn more about YouTube analytics and determine if it could be a successful tool for your help strategies.