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Integrate with SAP.

Integrate with SAP.
SAP Knowledge Central by MindTouch provides an intuitive interface for your agents to interact with your customers through multiple channels, including social media. Integrating SAP Knowledge Central by MindTouch with your SAP CRM system allows your agents to access automatic help recommendations in the SAP interface.

What are the benefits of this integration?

Integrating SAP Knowledge Central by MindTouch with your SAP CRM system provides the following benefits:

  • Ticket deflection – extend MindTouch recommendations into your CRM system and preempt customer support with self-service.
  • Customer insights – get a full history of of user views and searches across every channel.
  • Recommended articles – embed contextually relevant recommendations in your CRM system.
  • Link to cases – agents respond to customers in a click.
  • Capture/publish to MindTouch – capture new customer success information as a by-product of support.
  • Reports – get reports such as most used articles; trends by topic, region or metadata; most/least productive agents; most/least productive channels; cases without linked articles, etc. 
  • Web analytics – easy-to-setup custom reporting with off-the-shelf web analytics

How do I set up the  Knowledge Central integration?  

If you'd like more information on how to integrate your SAP CRM system, contact your SAP account executive. You may also review the typical integration use cases described in our SAP CRM system integration points section.​